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10 Gigabit switch market will have a promissing prospects in 2013

2013/6/7 17:45:15

Along with our country informatization step speeding up, and the successful using of the big data, cloud computing, and other popular technology have driven Ethernet switch to 10G, simultaneously the information application of enterprise also toward to broadband and integration. under this condition, the traditional Ethernet switches and simple connection and data transmission function has become the history. look at the entire development trends, we find that the Ethernet switch is developing toward high speed, intelligent direction.


10G upgrade demand is the main driving shaft


Speed is an important criterion for us to measure the network performance, which has become an important direction of the development for Ethernet switches and other equipment. At present, people’s demand on bandwidth is rapidly increasing, as the rapid development of the network storage required massive data transmission channel; A large number of high bandwidth consist of the metropolitan area network;Unceasingly broadband applications need the rich related bandwidth suport; To centralize the date for the large financial institutions; The core business in enterprise, ERP, CRM and other application.


Intelligent, intelligent referred to here not only including the management of intelligent switch equipment, but also including the more and more intelligent services support. Along with the network deployment of new applications and multi-service needsurgently, single switch needs to have the rich functionality to provide more support,at the same time, the complex network environment has increased the difficulty for the network management, network equipment for centralized treatment through intelligence exchange, not only simplifies the steps of management, but also reduces the deployment and maintenance cost.


In order to meet the demand for fast Ethernet, brings people beyond the usual experience. Today, 1G is the backbone in the enterprise, 100M to desktop structure, will gradually become 10G as the backbone and 1G to desktop struture.


10G will become indispensable in Network application


In addition to the above mentioned point, according to the analysis of the actual demand, we find that the application is the key to cause the real demand, application requirement analysis as follows:


Dell'Oro analyst thinks, the application of Gigabit Ethernet switch equipment willcontinuously in some emerging field, such as communication management and the layernetwork apllication. By the stimulus of the new application, a new generation of switching equipment of other network vendors have maintained a higher growth market rate than ordinary Gigabit Ethernet switches.


Audio, video and other types of large amount of data information need frequent transmission in the gradual integration of the network, IP telephone, video conference,large capacity database group applications not only makes the network bandwidth demand to growing, but also brought new challenges to the existing routing. Take telepresence system as an example, it is a kind of innovation technology, through thenetwork to personnel, position and work and life events are interconnected, with face to face unique experience, but the system can produce constant continuous datapackage in use, most routers and switches will be difficult to handle this condition at present.


Some good router in the existing network may not suitable for the new application of telepresence. The problem here is the network designers didn't consider theapplication of the constant high bandwidth demand. In the normal communication process, when the routers and switches are slightly behind the sudden growth of data traffic, normally it will be recovered in the next interval. However, during the telepresence it provides a constant demand in the meeting. Telepresence communications traffic packet size is varied. Some systems for video streaming using standard data packet, some systems use a smaller packet.


However, even if to use the standard data packet, it will also mixed with a lot of nonstandard small packets. Besides video, as well as the use of small packets of data stream, and the separation of data and presentation of the individual video stream. These factors have brought challenges to data transmission telepresence system.


The traditional routing and switching equipment has been unable to meet the current network applications, the user demand for network bandwidth and intelligent is increasing, and these give opportunities for high-tech network equipment application and promotion. Today, in the enterprise and campus network, the application of multimedia network teaching, digital library, HD video conference system constantly, enterprise and campus backbone network under escalating pressure, from fast Ethernett1G Gigabit network, today will soon transit to 10G network.


The construction of campus network, backbone link enterprise network and each segment is connected with the use of 10GE high-speed, can realize end-to-end Ethernet access, has improved the efficiency of transmission, such as multimedia, data streams, SAN service for users. 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch with high bandwidth, low latency and simple network management, so it’s very suitable for enterprise and campus backbone network.


10 Gigabit Ethernet will become the best choice.


Gigabit Ethernet ( 10GbE ) as a pioneer role during the explosive growth. Since the beginning of 2002, standardized Gigabit Ethernet has become the best choice forthe Internet backbone network, metropolitan area network ( MAN ) and wide area network ( WAN ) for high-speed connection.


According to the report message ' Oro Dell recently released ( telecommunications network industry ), predicted that by 2016, L2-3 Ethernet switch market will reach $25000000000, are the major driving factors for Ethernet switches provide optimization to large data center after deployment. Predicted that in 2015, 10GB Ethernetwillbecome the main source of income. At the same time also predicted that by 2016,40GB and 100GB Ethernet will achieve strong growth, the sales will reach $3000000000.


According to 2012-2016 years the development trend of China's IDC industry and investment analysis report shows, by 2016, 40 GB Ethernet and 100 GB Ethernet module market revenue will exceed 20%. Cisco ( Cisco ) and Extreme have saled Ethernet switch in the market. With the increasing amount of data, Gigabit Ethernethas been difficult to meet the demand, as the price and power consumption of 10 Gigabit Ethernet is declining, I believe there will be more and more users select 10 Gigabit network.

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