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Intelligent Building Integrated Wiring System Solution

2013/6/13 14:51:01


Intelligent Building (the initials IB) is the inevitable result of the information age, the application of computer systems is a major direction. Refers to the useof intelligent building system integration method to computer technology, communications technology, information technology and the organic integration of architecture,through the automatic monitoring of equipment, information resources management and information services to users and its relationship with the optimal combination of construction, investment receivedby a reasonable request for information society and a safe,efficient,comfortable,convenient and flexible features of the building. Intelligent building, including the five main features:
Building Automation (BA)
Fire Automation (FA)
Communication Automation (CA)
Office Automation (OA)
Information Management Automation (MA)
5A through the above-mentioned characteristics to achieve comprehensive wiring. As an integrated intelligent building cabling system within a highway, we can phase in the construction of the cable will be connected to 3A, integrated wiring a building to buildingwithin the installation or addition of any system, we can at the time and in accordance with the needs of , development and possible to decide. PDS (PDS) is only a part of intelligent building can not be seen as an integrated intelligent building cabling system. Aslong as the "highway", with "integrated wiring system," wanted to run so-called "car", likewhat the system, it becomes very simple. Integrated wiring system is the one for voicedata, video and other information technology standards for structured cabling systems. Integrated wiring system is a building or buildings within the transmission network, it willenable voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment and other information management system linked to each other, including the building to the external network or telephone line connection point work area and voice or data between the terminals of all the cables and wiring associated components. Modular design and hierarchical star topology. Application of a wide range of construction and combination of building cabling system (PDS) structure can be divided into six independent system (module):
Subsystem work area (Work Area Subsystem)
Information from the terminal equipment to the outlet connection (soft line) components.
District subsystem level (Horizontal Subsystem)
Floor patch panel cable from the user to connect to the information on the work area out let is generally at the same floor.
Vertical Link Subsystem (Riser Backbone Subsystem)
The main distribution frame equipped with the system linking the floor.
Management subsystem (Administration Subsystem)
The vertical stem the level of cable and wiring on each floor connecting subsystem

Subsystem of equipment (Equipment Subsystem)
Various public facilities (such as mainframe computer, digital program-controlldswitches, avariety of control systems, interconnection equipment), such as linking with the main distribution frame.

Construction and building subsystem(Buildings Subsystem)

Building Subsystem should be consists of the integrated wiring cable, wiring euqipment and the jumper.


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