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Office Building Monitoring System Solution

2013/6/13 13:59:53

1.System to prevent the region

* Monitoring of entrances and passageways prevention
* Perimeter alarm and monitoring to prevent key areas

2.The content of the evidence system

* System login operator data, time, operating Instructions, remove records and so on

* Alarm address, time, properties and so on
* Alarm regional real-time field and the surrounding places image
* Daily monitoring state image and synchronous video material

3.The content of the linkage system

* Alarm sound and light indicator
* Computer alarm plane and site display
* Image monitory point tracking and positioning
* Evidence of the equipment after receiving alarm automatic switching picture
start and record
* Other need linkage security equipment start-up

4.Other need linkage security equipment start to meet the requirements of building safety management, general the front-end equipment is made up of the following parts
* Indoor channel half spherical yuntai camera unit
* Under ground garage global yuntai camera unit
* Color hemisphere camera unit area
* License plate wide dynamic camera unit
* Elevator flying saucer camera unit
* Financial, files and confidential room double jian alarm detector
* Foreign windows, accounting office alarm button
* Perimeter infrared correlation detector


5.Applicable standards and norms

Safety Engineering Process And RequirementsGA/T75-94

Safety And Protection System General Graphic SymbolGA/T74-94
Safety Engineering Cost Budget CompilationGA/T70-94
Electronic Equipment Installation Engineering Cost QuotaHYD41-01-1999
Risk Rank And Protection Levels Of ProvisionsGA/T38-92
Civil Building Closed Circuit Television Monitoring System Engineering Technical Specifications   GB50198-94
Intrusion Detector General Technical ConditionsGB10408.1-89
Alarm Image Signal Cable Transmission DeviceGB/T16677-1996
Alarm Center ConsoleGB/T16572-1996
Civil Building Electrical Design SpecificationsJGJ/T16-92
China Electrical Equipments Installation Project Construction And Acceptance StandardGBJ232-82

System Grounding Type

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