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Hongkong Kwaifong Network Center CDN,

2013/6/15 15:08:02

AVP in order to solve the the congestion status of the Internet network, has established a network center in HK, named Hongkong Kwai fong network center CDN, the CDN has added a new network structure based on the existing Internet, will transfer the website content to the  nearest network edge of the users. improve the access speed for the users. The technical principle is to avoid the bottleneck and link system which may affect the data transmission speed and stability, and placing the node server in the selected place, thus the contents of the website can transfer to the users very fast, so as to realize trans-regional, cross operator network acceleration service.


Cloud computing to solve the problem

How often are customer complaints to open your site is too slow? Slow access speed may lead to the loss of customers, search engine ranking drop. Are you envious of Sina, Netease portal access speed? In the telecommunications room Netcom customers reflect the slow? Put in a double room price is expensive, bandwidth limitations? Is there any way to solve the above problems but the cost is not too high?


Cloud computing speed up the distribution of nodes

Western Digital has been featured in the country more than 20 main rooms as nodes, covering all kinds of main lines across the country and region, and the number of nodes in the Western Digital increased steadily, to satisfy the users.


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